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We have designed this exceptional collection of cremation urns and keepsake memorials to enable your family to create a permanent memorial that will reflect your loved one's beautiful spirit. Inspired by organic textures and motifs, these beautifully crafted funeral urns are artist-signed. Each cremation urn has its own enchanting attributes, with magical finishes and glass ornaments that are hand blown into the molten glass in myriad embedded designs. The Sphere-topped funeral urn collection provides the option to enclose meaningful mementos into the spherical top, such as a wedding ring, small photos, a poem or letter, or any other meaningful token, where they remain separated from the ashes.

Families usually wish to keep their loved one's urn at home, where it blends into their home's decor and everyday life discreetly as a piece of art as well as a warm reminder of their loved one. An artistic urn can find its place on a fireplace mantel, in a china cabinet, or in any other meaningful location.

Sometimes the family will elect to scatter the ashes in a place that holds special meaning for them and their loved one, in which case they will often choose to retain only a small portion of the ashes in a keepsake such as a mini urn or a small sphere. Please see our Keepsake Urns pages for small vessel options for keeping only a portion of the ashes. For a scattering ceremony, it is advised that the family assign one family member or close friend to confirm that scattering is allowed in the chosen location. Bodies of water are usually permissible, as well as privately owned land, with the land-owner's permission. Some families choose one of our urns as a Scattering Urn vessel, after which it can become a memorial piece of art within their home, or a vase that will elicit loving memories every time it is filled with flowers.

Alternatively, our Columbarium Niche Urns are designed to fit perfectly within the interior height of a standard 12" columbarium niche, which is another alternative for urn placement. Niches are built into a wall at a cemetery, in a funeral home, or in a church. Placing the urn in an indoor niche gives friends and family the ability to visit their loved one in quiet, pleasant and sacred surroundings at any time when the building is open. If an outdoor columbarium niche is chosen, then visitation may be accessed at any time when the cemetery grounds are open. In the case of inurning into a columbarium niche, it is advisable to first learn the interior height of the niche, to ensure that the urn will fit comfortably. Most niches are a standard 12" interior height, and our niche urns are made to measure under 11" high.

Our Companion Urns are combinations of two full separate adult urns that are shaped to nest together, for couples who wish to stand side by side eternally.

One of these extraordinary urns for cremation will provide a beautiful focus during your loved one's funeral, memorial service or life celebration. Our designer funeral urns and keepsakes are offered to help your family find an apt reflection of your departed loved one that will inspire loving memories through the grieving process and the years ahead.

These artistic urns are made and signed by high caliber, acknowledged artists. At Cremation Urns by Legacy, we believe in healing through beauty. We sincerely hope that one of our exceptional funeral urns will find its way to becoming a healing focus, by honoring your loved one with a beautiful resting place.