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There is nothing in the world more tragic than the untimely death of a child. We hope to help you find a small measure of comfort in the choice of a very special memorial urn with which to lovingly commemorate the brief and precious life that has been lost.

Small and Medium Sphere Urns:

The Small Sphere infant urns are meant for an infant up to 12 lbs, and the Medium Sphere urns are sized for a small child up to 35 lbs. These urns serve as a beautiful memorial that is hand blown in magical art glass, with various shimmering Tiffany-style iridescent finishes. A luminous spherical infant urn can offer some solace when cradling it in one’s hands, for moments of loving reflection. A small memorial such as this can be helpful as part of the grieving and healing process.

Each of these extraordinary small urns has a brass Closure that has been highly polished to a mirror finish for engraving upon. The Closure's diameter is 1 3/4 inches on the Small Sphere, and 2 inches on the Medium Sphere, providing a space for engraving name, dates, and a few meaningful words, to create an artistic memorial.

By choosing one of our spherical infant memorial urns, your family can integrate it into everyday life as a piece of ethereal art that also functions as a beautiful permanent memorial. The sphere can be placed in its stand with the Closure facing out, so that the engraving may be easily seen. Alternatively, if one wishes for visitors to see only a lovely piece of art with a sublime Tiffany style finish, the sphere may be placed with the engraved Closure facing discreetly down in the stand. This way, it has personal meaning for the family, who may hold it and reflect on the engraving, while visitors will simply see it as a beautiful object of art.

There are two sizes of infant urns from which to choose. The Medium Sphere urn sits upon a hand-turned solid cherry wood stand, and can hold up to 35 cubic inches of ashes, which is volume-appropriate for an infant or small child whose weight was up to 35 pounds.

The Small Sphere urn has an inside volume that will contain up to 12 cubic inches of cremains, which is sufficient in size for the ashes a small infant up to 12 pounds. The Small Sphere urn's stand is made in highly polished brass, offering an additional option for having a jeweler engrave on the exterior or the interior of the ring-shaped stand.

Each of these spherical small cremation urns is provided with an interior plastic liner bag, and a velvet pouch for containing any mementos you might like to place inside the urn after the plastic bag is closed, and before the Closure is tightened into place. The kinds of mementos one might wish to place in the velvet pouch inside the sphere could include a lock of hair, a small hand-written note or picture, or any small token that is meaningful to you.

Sterling Keepsake Cremation Pendants:

These urn pendants are made in solid sterling silver, with rhodium plating for tarnish and scratch resistance. Rhodium is a member of the platinum family, and is applied to all our sterling pendants, with the exception of the Celtic Cross, which is intended to darken somewhat over time as part of its rustic design.

Each pendant is hollow, in order to contain a small amount of ashes, to be worn next to your heart. Included are a small funnel for transferring the ashes into the pendant, glue for permanently sealing the pendant at the threads, and a black velvet pouch for protecting the pendant's surface while traveling.

Mini Urn Keepsakes:

These small mini urn keepsake memorials contain only about 1 cubic inch of ashes, and are meant for partial containment, if a family chooses to have a scattering ceremony, and keep only a small portion of the ashes sealed in a small memorial.

Keepsake Hearts:

Each of these small solid glass heart keepsake memorials is polished on the back, providing an area for laser engraving. These small keepsakes do not contain any ashes, but are meant as a small memorial token that fits perfectly in the palm of one's hand.

We are hopeful that one of these small urns and keepsakes may help your family in coping with your loss.

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