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This fanciful series of mini urns and keepsakes has been assembled to provide you with beautiful options for memorializing your loved one with a mini urn, cremation jewelry pendant, or cremation keepsake memento that befits their unique style and enduring spirit. As cremation traditions evolve, many families are opting to keep a small portion of the ashes in a small artistic keepsake urn. The keepsakes that we offer in this category are meant to give you a range of beautiful choices for finding a vessel that truly represents the personality of your loved one.

Partial containment of the cremains in a keepsake sized urn is suitable for various situations. If, for example, the family decides upon a full sized cremation urn to 'inurn' into a columbarium niche at a cemetery, in a funeral home, or in a growing number of churches, it can be comforting to retain a small amount of the cremated remains in a keepsake, to be kept at home. Or, when family members live at great distances from one another, they might wish to divide the ashes among, for example, a full sized urn for the surviving spouse, and a number of small keepsake urns, such as keepsake mini urns or sphere urns for the children. Another potential alternative is to select one or several small solid glass keepsake hearts which match the full sized urn or mini urns - these keepsake hearts contain no ashes, and may be laser engraved on the back with name and dates. These solid glass keepsake hearts can be particularly appropriate for young children, because they contain no ashes, and can be held in the palm of one's hand as a small lifelong heirloom memento for moments of quiet remembrance. Or, in the case where a scattering ceremony is the chosen method for commemorating the loved one and committing the cremains in a meaningful location, family members may wish to keep a small portion of the ashes in one or more mini urns or spheres. It is worth mentioning that, if the family chooses a scattering ceremony for disposition of the ashes, one family member or a close friend should be assigned to ensure that the chosen location allows scattering.

Cremation keepsake jewelry is yet another meaningful avenue for containing a small amount of the ashes, to be worn close to the heart. Our full line of sterling silver urn jewelry for men and women can be found on our Cremation Jewelry page. These wearable memorials are cast in solid 925 sterling silver, and are hollow for containing a small pinch of ashes sealed within. Each cremation urn pendant comes with a tiny funnel which fits into the opening of the urn vessel for ease of transferring the ashes, before permanently sealing the top in place with the provided super glue.

We hope to be of help to your family by offering this selection of distinctive and beautiful keepsake urns. At Cremation Urns by Legacy, we believe in healing through beauty, and we sincerely hope you will find comfort in the uplifting artistry of these remarkable mini keepsake urns.