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Blue Heaven Keepsake Urn - Medium
Blue Heaven Keepsake Urn Medium

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Blue Heaven Keepsake Urn, Medium:

This ethereal urn is hand crafted in art glass, and is representative of the beautiful expanse of heaven above. It sits within its pure brass ring-shaped stand. The mosaic glass is mostly aqua and sky blue with subtle tones of pink and purple/pink, and the colors have a dimension of shifting and changing as you move around the urn. The sphere also has the uplifting effect of reflecting a starfield of light points throughout the room, when placed near a sunny window or under a halogen light. This urn holds up to 30 cubic inches, and the solid brass closure is polished to accept engraving, providing a circular area for engraving with name, dates, and a few commemorative words as an epitaph.

Included are: a plastic liner bag and a velvet pouch for containing any special tokens or mementos one might like to place inside the sphere urn.

Height 5 "
Width 4.5"
Volume 30 cubic inches

Teal Green Keepsake Heart
$125.00 Shipping Included

Teal Green Keepsake Heart

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