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Use this Work Sheet to record the information needed for your Advance Funeral Planning records, to ease your family’s burden of information gathering and decision making when they most need relief.

It will be immensely easier for your family if these details are kept all together in one place, such as in an envelope in a desk or another place of safe-keeping. Print it out, fill it in, seal and mark it in an envelope, and inform a family member of its whereabouts. If you have other documents or assets like a Will, a Life Insurance policy, or a CD with the music that you would like to be played at your Funeral or Memorial Service, include these in the same location.

Personal Information:

•Your Name (first, middle, last):

•Date of Birth:

•Place of Birth:

•Current Address:



•Marital Status:

•Spouse’s Name (first, middle, last):

•Spouse’s Maiden Name:

•Father’s Name (first, middle, last), Date of Birth, Place of Birth:

•Mother’s Name (first, middle, last), Date of Birth, Place of Birth:

•Mother’s Maiden Name:

Work, Education, Military History:

•Education (0 – 12):

•College or University (1 – 5+):


•Business / Company:

•Military Branch of Service:

•Military Serial Number:

•Date Enlisted:

•Rank at Discharge:

•Date of Discharge:

•Discharge on File At:

•Copy of Discharge Papers (if yes, attached):

•Name of War(s), Years Served:

Funeral or Life Celebration Information:

•Person in Charge of Funeral Decisions & their Contact Information:

•Place of Service or Life Celebrations & Contact Information:

•Funeral Home & Contact Information:

•Religious Denomination:

•Place of Worship:

•Person to Deliver Eulogy & Contact Information:

•Music Selections I Would Like Played at My Service:

•CD Compilation (if you’ve compiled a CD of these selections, also note its whereabouts):

Newspaper Information:

•Newspaper(s) of Choice for Obituary:



•Brothers and Sisters:


•List any other Significant People:

•List any other Significant Details for Obituary:

Special Instructions:

•Life Insurance Policy Number (if Advance Planning includes this):

•Funeral Home Contact for Pre-Need Plans &/or Funding (if Advance Planning includes this):

•Bank Savings Account for Funeral Costs (if one has been set up for this):

•Estate Executor(s) & Contact Information:

Disposition Preferences:

•I Prefer Earth Burial or Cremation:

•Cemetery & Contact Information:

•Location preferred for Cremation Urn &/or Keepsake(s):

•Scattering Location, if preferred:

•I Have Made a Last Will & Testament:

•Location of Will:

•Any Social Media URLs / Passwords:

Any Other Funeral or Memorial Services Information, Instructions or Preferences:

Memorials or Donations to Charity:

Decisions & Documents Time Chart:

Personal Information That is Needed Immediately:

To Be Arranged Within A Few Hours:

Payment Arrangements For:

Documents Needed:

  • Social Security number or Social Insurance number
  • Date and Place of Birth
  • Occupation
  • Family and key contact telephone numbers
  • Military service number
  • Citizenship
  • Parents’ names and places of birth
  • Cremation or burial?
  • Above or below ground?
  • Cemetery, Columbarium Niche, Scattering, Cremation Urn &/or Keepsakes to be kept by Loved One(s)
  • Funeral Home
  • Merchandise - casket, cremation urn, vault
  • Service - time, place, scriptures, music, flowers, etc.
  • Casket bearers, Urn bearers, Transportation
  • Cremation or Cemetery service and merchandise
  • Funeral Service
  • Clergy
  • Florists
  • Clothing
  • Transportation
  • Medical and health care expenses
  • Will
  • Birth Certificate
  • Death Certificates - 10 copies minimum
  • Marriage License
  • Insurance - life, health, accident, house, car, funeral
  • Property Deeds
  • Auto Ownership
  • Income Tax returns
  • Military Discharge papers

Name (print)



We hope this Funeral Planning Worksheet has been useful. If you need further information, it can likely be found on our Funeral Resources page, and with any other questions, please do contact us at service@cremation-urns-legacy.com.