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As funeral traditions evolve, families are finding new and ever more personal ways of paying tribute to their loved ones.

Some families feel it is appropriate to honor their loved one with a traditional funeral service, conducted by their clergy member in their church or at a funeral home's chapel.

Other families elect to engage a Life Celebrant to conduct a funeral or memorial service, which is increasingly referred to as a Life Celebration.

Sometimes the Life Celebration is held at the funeral home or chapel, and sometimes the family wishes to personalize the event by holding this gathering at a location that in some way relates to the life and times of their loved one. These locations are wide and varied, such as the loved one's golf club, ski lodge, bowling club, rowing club, neighborhood community hall, volunteer service organization, or alma mater, for example. The possibilities for an appropriate location are endless, and limited only by the unique directions of your loved one's life.

For help in locating funeral services, be they traditional or alternative, for cremation or burial, our Funeral Resources page serves as an index of useful links. Here you will find a myriad of organizations, services, and resources to help you easily find exactly what you are looking for.